How to Become a Member

How to Become a Member


In Trinidad and Tobago there are two basic categories of Tour Guides: General Tour Guides and Specialist Tour Guides. By far the most popular is the General Tour Guide who is defined as “a guide who conducts tours to historical, cultural and religious sites and attractions”.

Specialist Tour Guides conduct Naturalist/ Eco, Community and Special Site tours, e.g. Hiking tours, tours to the La Brea Pitch Lake and to the Gasparee Caves, are but a few of our specialist sites.


1Tour Management
The TTTGA provides Tour Guide services to Tour Operators throughout the year, as well as provide information on sites and attractions. We manage the entire tour experience for the visitor. TTTGA Guides enhance the experience and broadens the knowledge base of participants from organisations such as Schools, Camps and Churches. Guides also participated in TDC's Tourism Park which was an annual event held during the August school vacation.
In marketing Trinidad and Tobago to the rest of the world, the Tourism Development Company (TDC) often hosts familiarization tours for many key players in the tourism industry. TTTGA Guides have acted as hosts to many of these visitors including travel magazine writers, film/video producers and investors. Some major accomplishments over the years included the Miss Universe Pageant 1999, Summit of the Americas Conference 2009 and Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference 2009.
TTTGA guides have ushered at many official Government functions, concerts and conferences.
4Corporate Protocol Officers
The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has used the TTTGA guides for protocol service at several of their official functions and conferences.
5Airport and Hotels Meet & Greet
TTTGA guides have been used to meet and greet special guests and dignitaries at Airports and Hotels to welcome them to Trinidad and Tobago.
6Orientation Guides
TTTGA guides are often asked to show expatriates and other newcomers to the islands, how to find their way around Trinidad and Tobago; Downtown Port of Spain, the various malls and restaurants, as well as to highlight any current culture shows and/or events.
7Event Assistants/Customer Service Representatives
Due to the vast array of training our Tour Guides have received, they are excellent customer service representatives and are often called upon to assist at a variety of events.
8Survey Representatives
TTTGA Guides, trained by the Central Statistical Office, have on numerous occasions been hired by organisations to conduct surveys at various areas in and around Trinidad and Tobago e.g. The Airport, Bus and Ferry Terminals and Business districts.



How do I apply?

If you are a citizen, or non-national living in Trinidad and Tobago, you can visit any police station in the country to make an application for a Certificate of Character. A list of Police Station locations can be found using the link below. Citizens must present a valid Trinidad and Tobago identification card, driver's permit or passport at the time of application. Non-nationals must present a valid foreign passport.

Police Stations in Trinidad and Tobago

What happens after an application is made?

All applications are sent to the Divisional Fingerprint Office for processing.

You or your representative can return to the station on the fourth day after the application is made to collect the Police Certificate of Character. If you have applied by mail from abroad, the Certificate will be mailed to you.

How much does it cost?

A processing fee of TT$50.00 must be paid at the time an application is made.

A template of this letter can be obtained from the TTTGA.
Armed with originals and photocopies of both documents as well as originals and copies of at least two (2) pieces of your National ID, proceed to the Court closest to you and present the documents, requesting a date for your hearing for the application of your Tour Guide License with the Justice of the Peace.
Upon receiving the date of your hearing, proceed to the Police Station in your district and inform them of your hearing with regards to the application of your license. Also provide them with photocopies of all your documents. The police are to then launch an investigation to present evidence at your hearing (that you are a citizen in good legal standing and that you lawfully carry out tours etc.)
It is recommended that the day before your hearing you return to the police station to ensure that the police are indeed prepared and that they will show up for your hearing the next day.
Attend your hearing at the stipulated date. Once the police assigned to you is present and verifies that you are indeed a tour guide in good legal standing, your license, valid for one year, will be granted.

For more information or to join the TTTGA, please contact us at Alternatively, please call Derik at (868) 761-9984 or (868) 359-8821 or Wendell at (868) 725- 8674 or (868) 325-1143.