Meet Our Guides

Meet Our Guides

With over twenty-five Members, the TTTGA boasts of a diversified team of guides who are always willing to showcase our culture, sights and attractions with an emphasis on personalised service and professionalism. We would love to meet you and show you around this beautiful twin island republic of ours. In the meantime, here’s a little something about us!

Wendell Griffith

I became a Tour Guide in October 2007, receiving certification from the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI). Tour Guiding has, since then, become a major part of my life, it is truly who I am; meeting new people, making them happy, giving sound information and ensuring they have a holiday well spent. While I enjoy tour guiding to sites throughout Trinidad, I am also a Site Guide at Angostura as well as the Chaguaramas Development Authority. Currently, my passion lies with the development of the TTTGA’s Signature Tours and I am working closely with other guides within the Association to offer these tours to the local market.

Derik Donawa

I have been a TTHTI certified Tour Guide since 2001 and an active member of the TTTGA since. My passion lies in sightseeing tours, eco, flora and fauna, cultural, some hiking and even shopping. Once I know of my guests’ interests, I will create a private, personalised tour which will never be forgotten. I prefer to stay away from the 'regular and traditional', as I believe Trinidad and Tobago has so much more to offer. Indeed, I draw my inspiration from the description of T&T as, "Here, where the Seas of Culture Meet."

Jalaludin Khan

I have over twenty five years tour guiding and tourism sector experience and have been nationally certified as tour guide by the TTHTI. I am a founding member of the Trinidad and Tobago Tour Guides’ Association and have worked at all levels of the tourism and hospitality sector; in the hotel sector, incoming cruise ship guiding, tourism and hospitality educator, tour guiding trainer, cooperate hosting and tour director for private and public sector, conferences and meetings, special events, educational institutions and as a tourism planning and development consultant.

Additionally, I hold a B.Sc. (Honours) in Environmental and Natural Resources Management with specialisations in ecotourism, tourism planning; Diploma and Certificates in health and safety; a Professional Diploma in art and design and I am a M.Sc. candidate in Urban Planning and Development. I have received a number of local and international awards for environmental, artistic and public service.

Some of the range of tour guiding services I provide are:

  • - Locally guided sightseeing heritage, cultural and nature tours in Trinidad, Tobago and the Caribbean;
  • - Meet and greet guiding services;
  • - Escorted walking, hiking, sightseeing tours on land, sea and air for individuals, families, groups;
  • - Educational designed tours;
  • - Exclusive VIP hosting and tour guiding services;
  • - Cooperate destination management tour guiding;
  • - Tour guiding concierge services;
  • - Tour guiding coordination for public and private sector agency;
  • - Special consulting services for the film and movie industry such as location scouting and logistics, and
  • - Coordination of tour guiding services in English and foreign languages.

Ivan Charles

Affectionately known as the “Bushman”, I have been a certified tour guide since 2009 and I am the owner and operator of the Eco Adventure Business – “Ieri Nature Adventures”. As the name suggests, I specialise in adventure and nature business offering professional & customized tours in Trinidad & Tobago.

Tours include hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, backpacking/camping trips, nature/sightseeing tours, cycling, road riding and historical tours.

I offer customised tours to suit your interests which can range from one-day excursions to multiple days or weeks between our two islands.

My tours are usually all inclusive once you arrive in Trinidad however, tours can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Shafena Laban

I have been certified as a General Tour Guide in Trinidad & Tobago since 2001 with Tours Incredible, Facilitator/Managing Director Ms. Kathryn Mc Connie and the TTHTI. Some of the tours I facilitate for locals and visitors include:

Cultural: (Limbo, Steel band, Chutney, Soca, Calypso and much more).

Historical/Heritage: Visit several different Museums, Historical buildings e.g. The Amerindian Heritage Tour (descendants of the First Indigenous People in Arima, Trinidad).

Eco Tours: Asa Wright Nature Centre, Wildfowl Trust, Caroni Bird Sanctuary (see our national bird Scarlet Ibis), Turtle watching Tour, La Vega Estate, Royal Botanic Garden (established in 1818), Maracas Beach (for bake and shark), Pitch Lake etc.

Religious Tours: Temple on the Sea, Mt St Benedict, Mosques, Cathedrals and other places of worship.

• In Tobago you can also visits historical sites, Museums, Forts, the Buccoo Reef, the Mystery Tomb, Pigeon Point (beautiful beach) etc.

There is never a dull moment on my tour, we sing and dance and have lots of fun. You will learn about the people, food, culture, religion etc. in a very entertaining way. On the Culture Tour, dance to the sounds of the sweet steel band music, African drums, Tassa - quite a mix and you can even try doing the Limbo and the Conga Dance, the choice is yours!

Enjoy my beautiful twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with me as your Tour Guide; it will be a great experience!

Merle Hernandez

A member of the Trinidad and Tobago Tour Guides’ Association, I have been a certified Tour Guide since 2012, prior to which I worked at the National Insurance Board (NIB) for 32 years.

My love for travelling to different countries propelled me to travel throughout Trinidad upon leaving the NIB and I discovered that I love going to the towns and villages throughout our nation as well as to the waterfalls and beaches. Being a member of the TTTGA gives me the opportunity to showcase most of Trinidad and Tobago and also I enjoy taking tourist and foreigners to see different sites and places of heritage.

Here are some of the beautiful places I have visited and taken people in Trinidad and Tobago:

• Charlotteville, Pylmouth, Lambeau, StoreBay, Pigeon Point, Scarborough and Roxborough.

• Macaripe, Blanchisseuse, Matura, La Brea, La Vega Estate, Nelson Island and Fort George.

My favourite location is Pigeon Point and I often encourage others to go with me every year for the Tobago Jazz Experience.