Our Affiliates

Our Affiliates

The Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC)

The Tourism  Development Company Limited (TDC) is a state enterprise mandated to develop  and market Trinidad and Tobago’s tourism product and advance the local tourism  sector.

Established in May 2005, the TDC is the  implementation arm of Ministry of Tourism, with responsibility for establishing  standards for the development and maintenance of tourism infrastructure and  amenities, as well as tourist sites and attractions.

Guided by the National Tourism Action Plan,  the TDC is also dedicated to realizing the vision for Trinidad and Tobago’s  tourism industry as a major contributor to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product  (GDP) through employment (direct and indirect) and increased revenues driven by  flagship products with globally recognized brands.

This vision speaks to the establishment of  Trinidad and Tobago’s tourism industry as a significant economic sector, driven  by a uniquely differentiated, internationally competitive product, complemented  by a comprehensive, fully functional physical infrastructure and a modern,  competitive institutional framework.

All elements of tourism marketing and  promotion are the responsibility of the TDC, including the facilitation of  hotel and other tourism investment opportunities. Where the functions of the  TDC relate to Tobago, all activities are planned in consultation with the  Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

The Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Transport Service Association

The Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Transport Service Association (TTTTSA) was formed in November 1991 when three separate taxi associations operating at the port merged to form one unified body. Our core business is in the transport of Cruise Ship Passengers during the six-month period from November - April. Outside of the cruise ship season, the taxi drivers work at the hotels, at the airport and on the road as route taxis. All of our drivers are trained in Customer Service, Professional Self Image, Destination Knowledge of Sites, Attractions, History, Geography and Culture and tour guiding skills.

Currently, we consist of approximately 250 members with a wide array of vehicles including conventional taxis, mini-vans with 6 passenger seats, mini buses with 10, 12 and 14 seats. There are also large buses with 20 to 25 seats, as well as white buses with 14 and 20 seats.

The TTTSA works closely with other Tourism stakeholders to ensure continuous quality of service and to support one another. Some of the other services we provide include airport transfers, government ministries transfers, school outings, transport to sites and attractions and providing quality transport to the TTTGA. Some of the more popular sites visited include the Asa Wright Nature Centre, the Pitch Lake, City Tours, Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Mt. St. Benedict Monastery, the Hindu Temple in the Sea, House of Angostura Butterfly Museum & Bitters Tour and, of course, the world famous Maracas Bay. Customized transfers and tours can also be arranged with at least one day's notice.

We are based at the Cruise Ship Complex, Dock Road, Port of Spain which is next door to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Our contact information is as follows:

1 - 868 - 623 - 4419 (office) Office hours 7 am - 3 pm

1 - 868 - 624 - 5016 (fax)

1 - 868 - 681 - 3132 (Manager)

1 - 868 - 683 - 7934 (Office Administrative Assistant)

touristtransport1@flowtrinidad.com (email)

www.ttttsa.com (website)  

Emile Serrette


I am the visionary and the founder of the company, Nature Trekking in Trinidad and Tobago Limited which was created in 2007. My extreme love for nature and nature-filled activities triggered me to abort my regular job, to fulfil my soul’s intention, my heart’s desire, my purpose in life: HIKING. Hiking gives me a rich and rewarding outlook on life.

Now, I am a Certified and Licensed Tour Operator who has also obtained credentials in First-aid and water safety. This bold shift in equilibrium permitted me to redefine the industry. I did this, by marrying both the remarkable knowledge of the flora and fauna, with historical tours of the various sights and places of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

I always work in harmony with nature, and although the forest of Trinidad remains very friendly as far as wildlife is concerned, I ensure that all safety measures are adhered to, on each expedition. Safety is of paramount importance to me.

Adventure is my ‘adrenaline rush’. It intrigues me and I often scout the inlands, mountains and borders in a quest to uncover and thereafter unveil or reveal to you the countless, little known rivers, pools, waterfalls, gorges, coastal beaches and vistas which exist in my country. These scouting ventures generate multitude products of nature, which I anxiously want to share with you.